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The Company sells Dead Sea products on cruise ships.
The duration of the agreement will be up to 6 months and 15 days, commencing from the day on which the salesperson’s embarks the ship.
The Salesperson shall be entitled to accommodation, shower room and 3 meals per day. Accommodation shall be in a quiet, ventilated space with a bed and a storage facility for the Salesperson’s personal belongings.
The Salesperson needs a valid STCW Basic Training Course and a Security Awareness course.
The Sales person has to be medically fit to perform his duties.

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The salary will be based on daily sales, up to four categories ( sales up to 300/day, 301 to 700/day, 701 to 1.000/day and more than a 1.000/day ).

The steps are depending on ship, target and season and the more you sale the higher the percentage is.

Estimated monthly income based on previous experience is about 2500-3000 USD a month.

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  • Experience in sales is a must, ship experience is a plus.
  • English should be at a good level, average Italian, Spanish or French are a great advantage.


  • STCW courses: Basic Safety Training Course, Crowd Management and Security Awareness : 420 Euro
  • Medicals : 293 Euro
  • Joining flight ticket : 200 Euro

Please note that the return flight ticket and the tickets for the rest of the contracts ( if any ) will be paid by the Employer.


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